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GW-128 electric kettle

GW-128 electric kettle

Place of Origin : Foshan
Brand Name : SKG
Model Number : GW-128
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GW-128 electric kettle

Drink water healthily; drink healthy water.

SKG electric kettle ensures you to drink healthy water everyday.

GW-128 keeping warm electric kettle

You can drink healthy water everyday.

GW-128 keeping warm electric kettle

Product color: brushed stainless steel

Capacity: 1.2L

Rating power: 1000W

Rating voltage: 220~ 50Hz

Unit net weight: 0.79KG

Heating element: heating plate

Product specification: 203 X 152 X 230mm

What is the healthy water?

  1. Clean, healthy, safe and no harmful content, such as purified water.
  2. Alkaline water, good for human body, such as mineral water.
  3. Have the activity, saying macromolecule, which human body can absorb naturally. Solve short of water situation.

Featured with the first and second points is safe water. Featured with three points is healthy water.

How to drink water healthily?

The fresh boiled water is the best choice. The boiled is boiled with the running water. The animalcule in the running water is killed when boiling. The calcium and magnesium factor is good for body health. One research shows that water with calcium and magnesium factor can prevent heart and blood vessel disease. Health is from every details of life. Drinking 7-8 cups of boiled water can keep the balance of water and supply the nutrition of water. Health can go along with you forever.

Drinking water rightly can cure 11 diseases.

Freckles – in the morning drink one cup of boiled water.

Nausea--- drink one cup of water with salt used as an emetic.

Adiposity ---- drink some water half an hour after meal.

Catch a cold—drink more water than normal.

Cough—drink hot boiled water.

Stomach ache—eat more porridge.

Insomnia—the massage function of hot water is the powerful tranquillizing formula.

Constipation--dink more water.

Fidgety—drink more water.

Heart disease—drink one cup of water before sleep.

Fever—drink small amount of water intermittently.

Product details

  1. Dual temperature control, convenient use
  2. Replacing the old type manual switch, using dual temperature control for convenient use
  3. Comfortable physical engineering sciences handle design
  4. The handle uses high quality burnt preventing material and the surface is skid resistant processed. When take it in the hand, it will slide and feels smooth.
  5. Hinged kettle cover design
  6. Press the button to open the kettle cover. It is easy to operate. The kettle cover passed 10000 times open and close test to ensure long time life expand.

  1. 360 degree rotation and nice appearance
  2. Detachable base design; the body can rotate freely on the base.
  3. Enjoy wireless design
  4. Hide cord under the base

Kettle cover

Water outlet

Max water level

Working indicator lamp

Temperature controller

Inner housing

Brushed stainless steel



Kettle bottom



Keeping warm

1.Special automatic keeping warm design

Intelligent temperature control, automatic adjustment of heating power, precise, scientific, power energy and no on/off switch; plugging in power can be used. Unplug the power can keep temperature 75-90 degree. (The exact temperature is subject to the situation.)

2.SKG electric kettle uses famous brand temperature controller, which is safe and reliable.

SKG electric kettle uses famous brand temperature, which is safe and reliable. It passed the test of temperature limiting device. The thermal protector works properly after 10000 times use. The temperature of thermal protector can reach up to 130 degree, long lasting use.

3. without fingerprint stainless steel body

The body uses two layers brushed stainless steel material; humanity burnt prevention design, nice appearance, durable and no leaving fingerprint.

Fast boiling

Famous brand temperature controller

Automatic keeping warm

Two layers burnt preventing

SKG keeping warm electric kettle series

Morning health preserving

Drink one cup of boiled water after wake up.

Taste tea

Tea is one part of China traditional culture. From tea you can not only taste the tea but also the meaning of life.

Make drinks

Milk tea, coffee, powered milk and oatmeal

Single office lady

Simple life style, the electric kettle with simple design can make your life simple.

Cook instant noodles

Stay in homes. Boil water to cook instant noodle in 5 minutes.

See old friends

Talk with old friends and drink one cup of tea.

Company conference

A plan accumulates the wisdom of teamwork. Drink one cup of coffee or tea when overwork.

Student’s dormitory

Boil one bolt of water in the dormitory. It is very simple.

Promote metabolism

Drinking water often can promote metabolism, making the skin bright, and people feeling more energetic and younger. Drinking tea more often is useful for losing weight and delaying aging.


The power cord is too short not good for convenient use. Does the factory want to save the cost?

Electric kettle is a high power appliance. If the power cord is too long, it will not be safe. The formal factory designs the power cord according to the national rules, on the consideration of safety problem. The formal factory does not lengthen the length of power cord according to the customer’s request. Otherwise it brings the safety problem. Of course it can not be too short. The length of power cord is not to save cost.

Why there is a big price difference of stainless steel electric kettle in the market?

To the consumers, the same stainless steel only lies on the surface. In fact there is a big difference with the quality. 1. The parts of stainless steel is import high quality or not. The import stainless steel and home made have a big price difference. 3. Even with the same material, there is a big difference with processing. 4. Whether the temperature controller is imported or homemade. There is RMB20.00-30.00 difference. On the surface the same stainless steel material, obviously there is a big difference in quality. Different quality has different cost.

Why the electric kettle using PTC element has the dry boil protection function?

PTC electric resistance is a ceramic electric resistance. When its temperature is lower than the inner temperature, the electric resistance is very small. When its temperature is higher than the inner temperature, the electric resistance will become thousands times in a small scale than the low temperature situation. Using PTC as the heating element, when the temperature is lower than the inner temperature, the electric resistance is small and the power is very high, so the water temperature is rising. When the water temperature is higher, the electric resistance of PTC element is very big, and the heating power becomes lower. When dry boil the PTC temperature is higher than the inner temperature, the PTC electric resistance quickly rises and the power is lower to make the PTC temperature keeps a little higher than the inner temperature. If the set PTC inner temperature is in the reasonable scale, there is no problem with dry boil.

Warm tip:

When first time use, pour water to the max water level and boil and pour out. Clean the kettle with cool water and repeat 1 or 2 times to clean away the dust caused in the production and storage.

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